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Employee Education

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Employee Education

Various options are available to ensure that your training is both efficient and effective including: our comprehensive training courses prepares employees to recognize substance use and abuse in the workplace. We focus on the problems associated with use and misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and discusses the benefits of wellness and prevention, the recognition of possible problems stemming from drug and alcohol use and proactive steps to help prevent substance abuse from compromising their safety and productivity

This course is customized to include specific resources available along with the procedures and consequences of violating company policy.

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Supervisor Training Drug Testing Employee Assistance Plan

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We are passionate about making the workplace safer by eliminating the dangers of drugs and alcohol from your business. We are committed to helping ensure your most valuable asset returns home to their families in the same manner in which they left. Drug are a hazard and create a danger and undue burden in the workplace.

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Training Marbles. Inc. was established as a turn-key provider for training services to directly serve and support the workplace with development, program delivery and maintenance.

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Our comprehensive courses are designed to align your staff with your company’s strategic vision, mission and values. We are networked committed professionals ready to meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our focused professionals are truly interested in getting the job done right.


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