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Onsite Training

"Essential to the success of every business is the ability to lead and manage it's employees."

Training Marbles, Inc. has developed the courses that cover the critical skills needed for supervision. Our training courses have been developed from the frontline with and by supervisors.

The following courses are developed specifically to enable and empower your supervisory staff to lead your organization.

Developed as a hands-on learning process to ease the “burden” of documentation, hold employees accountable to performance, and confront performance issues.

The participants will be able to identify both their strengths and weaknesses in terms of time management and how to best utilize their time to meet deadlines and goals.

To help the participants to better identify their delegation skills and to be able to delegate effectively to get the desired results.

Participants will learn the art of constructive confrontation and ease their concerns about engaging and dealing with performance issues.

This course is designed to give supervisors the proper tools that allow them to monitor performance and write reviews that reflect the full twelve months.

The participants will learn how to keep a conversation productive by determining what path their communication is taking and whether it is productive or not. It will also help them to predict what type of response they will receive when they ask a question or make a statement.

The participant will look at the communication model to better understand both the sender and receiver’s responsibilities in the communication flow. Next, they will address the importance of giving effective, constructive, and positive feedback, resulting in open communication lines.

We utilize course that empowers participants to recognize the big-picture and set the vision to develop a plan that insights change in the life. We use humor, real world examples, survival simulation and planning strategies as a platform and motivational tool to synergize your team. This is course is customized for our clients need.

Get the results you need from your meetings. In addition to careful pre-planning, meeting process design and superb facilitation, our facilitators bring years of senior-level business experience to every session they facilitate.


We are passionate about making the workplace safer by eliminating the dangers of drugs and alcohol from your business. We are committed to helping ensure your most valuable asset returns home to their families in the same manner in which they left. Drug are a hazard and create a danger and undue burden in the workplace.

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Training Marbles. Inc. was established as a turn-key provider for training services to directly serve and support the workplace with development, program delivery and maintenance.

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Our comprehensive courses are designed to align your staff with your company’s strategic vision, mission and values. We are networked committed professionals ready to meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our focused professionals are truly interested in getting the job done right.


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