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Services Overview

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Services Overview

Change Catalyst Services

Change Catalyst - workplace behavior is a critical area that often requires a balanced approach to change the outcome. Minor to major offenses have a ripple effect that has an impact on employee morale, the work environment, productivity and the bottom line. We specializes in helping our clients assess and investigate allegations, mediate the concerns and resolve the situation.

HR Consulting Services

HR Consulting - More often than not, having an outside prospective is beneficial to assess the business environment especially when things go wrong or bad behavior is affecting your team. When there’s an Elephant in the Room our Consultants are professional and poised to work with your leadership to help move your team forward. Our services range from strategic planning, team assessment, leadership development, HR planning and development, to investigating allegation in the workplace.

Police/Fire Public Sector Services

Public Sector employers have unique circumstances, rules and oversight that are complex and need expert attention. Police and Fire Departments are often complicated because of the unique personalities and perspectives it takes to be successful in line of duty. The cultural dynamic within the departments and adaptive leadership style required to successfully manage the team. The heightened level of scrutiny makes this a balancing act that require attention.

HealthCare & Nursing Homes

HealthCare Sector and Nursing Homes can be challenging because CareGivers by nature avoid confronting difficult situations but, the nature of the work creates exhaustion which can heighten tension, substance abuse including drug diversions. To add to the complexity Nurses often graduate with very little, to no Supervisor skills but, are instantly in charge once they hit the floor.

Diversity & Harassment Training

Diversity training this session helps employers and employees to understand and become aware of these individual differences and focuses on communicating more effectively. Communication is the key to success, peace and harmony in today’s growing workplace.

Harassment this training program, is designed to teach students what constitutes harassment including sexual harassment in the workplace. The Employee education is designed to teach employee what is and is not harassment, the various types of harassment, their responsibilities for eliminating harassment and reporting a problem. The Supervisor training is designed to teach supervisors their roles and responsibilities, policy requirements. legal liabilities and how to prevent, reduce and eliminate sexual harassment.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a set of competencies that allow us to coordinate thinking and feeling to make optimal decisions. This session is designed to help participants use and grow their EQ effectively. Supervisor/Manager learn that EQ which accounts for 58% of performance. The key to this training improves individual understanding of emotions in ourselves and others, and our ability to use this awareness to manage behavior and relationships. Session range from awareness and exercises to increase EQ, individual and group assessments available.


We are passionate about making the workplace safer by eliminating the dangers of drugs and alcohol from your business. We are committed to helping ensure your most valuable asset returns home to their families in the same manner in which they left. Drug are a hazard and create a danger and undue burden in the workplace.

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Training Marbles. Inc. was established as a turn-key provider for training services to directly serve and support the workplace with development, program delivery and maintenance.

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Our comprehensive courses are designed to align your staff with your company’s strategic vision, mission and values. We are networked committed professionals ready to meet and exceed our client's expectations. Our focused professionals are truly interested in getting the job done right.


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