The United States is a melting pot with a long history racial tension, inequities, and gender bias. It’s critical that employers lead the way to ensure theses behaviors don’t impact the workplace.


Diversity training is designed to raises awareness and spark individual and cultural changes in the workplace. It’s never been more important than now to lay the foundation for a diverse and inclusive workplace. As professional trainers and HR professionals we understand that this is the moment when conversations are needed for growth.

We carefully craft training based on your objective, pain points and with a focus on your team’s needs. The TMI Model covers Civility, Respect in the workplace, the importance of working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, generations and beliefs as the fundamental elements for growth and synergy. We understand that training along with management’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, positive changes and the right policies, can create a culture in which everyone has opportunities to thrive and grow in the workplace.

We takes this complex issue to combine the compliance requirements, the employer policy(s) and topnotch training to teach employees why Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are important for everyone. Incivility has become a gripping issue it’s critical that Employers lay the foundation for unacceptable behavior. Our training helps create an environment that embraces differences, emphasizes respect for others and lays the groundwork for understanding protected statuses as required by Federal, State and local laws.

Training Modules include:

• Harassment including Sexual Harassment • Incivility in the Workplace
• BAD Behavior is the Workplace
• Unconscious Bias
• Microaggressions in the Workplace
• Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Awareness

Supervisor Skill building and understanding their roles and responsibilities.

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Onsite Training session(s) delivered at your designated facility. We HR Professionals that tailor training to your policy, objective and current situation impacting your business. Unlike others we will not deliver the same materials or bore your team with the typical delivery method other trainers bring to the workplace.


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Online Training our newly updated courses are interactive programs built with our clients in mind. In the midst of COVID-19 many employers have elected online training for annual training, new hires or employees working from home. NEW Sessions added to our platform to meet your need.

If you need SCORM compliance for your LMS system we have options available for you.


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Train The Trainer this training prepares a member of your team to conduct the employee education and new-hire training. Participants are qualified to conduct training under our mentorship program. Training materials are customized for your company and includes ongoing support and assistance is available for 1 year; one price no hidden fees