Essential to the success of every business is the ability to lead and manage employees. Our training courses are developed from the frontline with and by Supervisors. Our courses are developed specifically to enable and empower your supervisory staff to lead your organization. While no two workplace environments are the same, the need for strong leadership and effective Supervisors exists in every organization. Managing employees in order to meet organizational goals and customer expectations can be a formidable challenge – especially for those who lack experience. We utilize a Supervisory Skills Assessment (optional) which is a starting point for new managers or as a refresher for experienced Supervisors. It is used to establish the current Supervisor skill level and allows us to customize training based on the established need and company goals.

TMI recognizes that Supervisors are the eyes and ears of your organization, and their success is critical. We recognized the gaps that exist in developing the baseline skills needed to lead. Our courses are designed to assist our client fill the gaps and navigate the timebombs they will encounter.

Emerging Leaders – this is the base level group with minimal experience managing others. Supervisory skills include:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Documentation & Accountability – programs levels for setting expectations 
  • Understanding Fierce Leadership

Seasoned Leaders – this is the next level training option that’s designed to help Supervisors grow. We will build on the Emerging Leader’s skills to assist growth including:

  • The 10 Leadership Competencies
  • Communication Style Self-Awareness and Relationship management
  • Team Building
  • Understanding Leadership as an act Why “Fierce Leadership”