Workplace Impairment Officer Certification

Proactively preserving the safety and productivity of your workplace.

In many ways, there’s never been a more complex time to be a Human Resources leader. From benefits to policy, from recruiting to retention, from training to enforcement—it often seems the workload takes you further away from the very people you are there to steward. So far you may not have visibility to some of the most common and potentially concerning situations capable of creating real harm to your workforce and significant risk to your organization: those which involve impairment.

Significant Shift in Marijuana Perception

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has rescheduled marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), marking a significant shift in how marijuana is perceived and managed in the workplace. This decision opens Pandora’s box of policy updates, safety concerns, and educational needs for employers.

The rescheduling of marijuana by the DEA calls for a critical evaluation of existing workplace drug policies. No longer categorized as some of the most restricted substances, the new classification of marijuana necessitates a thorough revision of how businesses address drug use among employees, especially in safety-sensitive positions.

Understanding Workplace Impairment

While it may vary by organization, it’s probable employees in supervisory roles encounter impairment in the workplace daily. It might be the sleep-deprived employee exhausted from caring for elderly parents or the delivery driver who recently switched to a new prescription. It could be the manager who hopes no one notices his long lunches, often including alcohol, or the line worker battling depression. These situations, if not addressed, can pose significant risks to your workforce and your organization. The fact is, these people are part of your workforce. And for years, we’ve lacked the ability (if not the interest) to address the “elephant in the room” due to regulatory guardrails.

We believe it’s time to empower you and your team to take a proactive approach in acknowledging and addressing issues of impairment at work. Our innovative and impactful training and certification program, the certified Workplace Impairment Officer (WIO), is designed to do just that. This program equips supervisors and managers with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to detect, prevent, and manage workplace impairment effectively. The WIO training certification combines both online and in-person training in a hybrid program to offer flexibility while retaining critical in-person skill building.

Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics, including:


Identification and assessment of impairment risks.


Implementation of proactive steps to mitigate the risk.


Education of drugs and important state and federal laws regarding drugs in the workplace.


Comprehensive review of the signs and symptoms of impairment.

Confrontation Skills

Training on effective confrontation skills and intervention strategies.


Our signature Take 5 process to confront the issue and take immediate action.
We believe this program will equip the organization’s “eyes and ears” to identify, evaluate, and intervene when impairment puts the workplace’s safety and productivity at risk. Our up-to-date and forward-thinking curriculum includes guidance on the shifting marijuana legislation at the state and federal levels, keeping you and your company prepared for the potential impact of its rescheduling on the workplace. Don’t wait until an unfortunate oversight becomes a tragic liability. Let us help you confidently prepare for identifying and addressing workplace impairment.