Workplace impairment is dangerous and costly. Is your organization prepared to identify and address this imminent threat?


Our comprehensive training and certification program costs $1,495.
With the pace of legislative and policy change, we are renewing certifications bi-annually (two years post-initial certification).
We’ve meticulously developed materials designed to equip Workplace Impairment Officers with the skills they need to recognize instances of impairment, understand how to respond, and ensure the workplace remains safe while also adhering to process and policy. The certification program includes a hybrid curriculum featuring 4 online, self-paced courses and a capstone live training session. For further details on the course content, please visit
As policy continues to change, it can be difficult to know how to recognize and address potential impairment in the workplace. As leaders, it’s imperative to ensure the workplace is not only productive and profitable but also safe. This program will provide tools to do exactly that. The risk of impairment is real, as nearly half of workplace accidents are drug and/or alcohol related. Employees are the most valuable assets an organization has. Investing in Workplace Impairment Officer certification is an important step toward protecting employees and the workplace.
We require participants to be current supervisors/managers who have at least 3 years of supervisory experience. They should also have access to a dedicated computer for the online sessions.
After your Workplace Impairment Officer is certified, they will be equipped to take appropriate and timely action when they become aware of instances of impairment. We’ll offer suggestions on how best to introduce the WIO’s function to the organization. The WIO will have access to a private, certified WIO-only Facebook community for support and ongoing skills-building.
We have implemented Critical Command which is crisis support for our clients that have a WIO. This support is 24/7 our team will step-in, walk your team through the process, observe via video, the incident to ensure you’re covered. Unlike any other program – we will support your team. The cost for Critical Command is $500 per incident.