Resiliency In The Workplace

Resilient People don’t just bounce back they bounce forward in the midst of adversity and crisis situations. This moment has proven to be unsettling in ways that many didn’t expect, few were prepared to handle and most are paralyzed with fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Removing stress from life is unrealistic but, preparing employees with practical strategies for dealing with adversity is an asset that every business should implement.


Surveys by Gallup concludes that Resilient people perform more effectively, are more engaged with their work, are more committed to their organization, and are more supportive of organization change. Employers should consider expanding their Wellness programs to include: Stress Management, Mindfulness training, Goal Setting…


The “New Normal” is a hard pill for many to swallow but, the hard truth is it’s time to adapt and thrive. Training Marbles is helping our clients lay the foundation for success with the 4 pillars which includes:

  1. Navigational Core Values
  2. Authenticity
  3. Course Correction
  4. Self-Care

Business Challenge – it’s time to prepare our businesses and leadership teams with the skills needed for our employees to grow including:

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Inclusion and team building
  • Self-Awareness – Lean-in
  • Holding people Accountable

This is the place for individuals to pick up the pieces, do the work so that your purpose becomes your guide. This is life’s masterclass lead by Dyann McDowell,  of live training, group support, and online training courses  including:

  • Your Purpose is calling
  • Removing the Mask with Authenticity
  • Shame and Forgiveness
  • Push and Don’t Quit