Changes to DFSP Program

The BWC has recently sent emails to participants in the Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) that reads as follows:

To ensure compliance with the Ohio Administrative Code 4123-17-58, we will be implementing a few changes to the program requirements for the 2023 program year.  

Effective July 1, 2023:

  • Basic and Advanced level participants
    • Please maintain all supporting documentation and be prepared to submit additional information upon request. Include invoices and sign-in sheets for all employees who completed the following requirements.
      • Drug testing
      • ¬†Education
    • Refresh your Train-the-trainer materials every five years at minimum. Also, please include Train-the-trainer invoice or supporting documents with your supplemental information.
  • Comparable level participants
    • Complete employee and supervisor training annually. This component is no longer a one-time only requirement.

If you have worked on any state projects during this program year, you need to maintain records to show your company did at least 5% random drug testing or were included in a consortium while on the state project.

The changes mentioned above are in addition to the existing requirements that are now in place. However, we need to reiterate one of the existing requirements with which employers are not consistently compliant. It is critical to have qualified professionals conduct your training. Please ensure vendors have appropriate licensing or qualifications prior to receiving training and testing.

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